Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' The Boy '

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
The title of the movie appears to be a pun on words. It offers multiple meanings of who the real protagonist of the movie is and how could a viewer understand the meaning and purpose of the story. The sting of death is like a pinch on one’s skin that makes one think about the act of pinching and also the pain involved in it. The one in pain would reflect on his or her skin as the platform that lives with a destiny of experiencing a pinch or an injury, and the fingers of the violator seeking someone’s skin for that violent act. I see this parallel to the word “destiny” that the little German boy, Bruno could not pronounce. His actions of straightening is arms to act as if he were flying like a bird are reflective in his style of exploring his new neighborhood. In that experience of exploration, he is like a bird who himself wants to be free of the bondage that he personally is suffering in his house and, the freedom that he seeks for the Jewish people, knowing that they are similar to him as humans and like birds can soar like the way he desires to.
As the movie reveals, destiny is seeking its prey, the one who is dressed in the striped pajamas. The word “destiny” that he cannot pronounce, has invisible and unmerciful fingers and is waiting to for its prey, the people dressed in striped pajamas. The old Jewish man who is a doctor and works at Bruno’s house is wearing striped pajamas. He receives the harsh pinches leading to death. The prisoned…

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