Analysis Of The Movie ' Sunny Day ' Essay

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sunny day in July, she spoke about the loss of her job, which was both seen as more than just a personal loss. It was a collective tragedy. Frishta illuminated,
“I am sad because this newspaper was all we had. We were able to record everything…to tell the real story about men like Mahmud Sangawy and Fazil Mirani(two detested Kurdish politicians accused of corruption and other issues). We had an obligation to tell the truth… mezhwa rastaqinaka bnusyn, to write the real history for our children, so they did not have to believe their version of the story. In their story Mahmud is still a hero peshmerga. Pra la dro, it is full of lies. That is how history will write of them. We have written another version of history for fifteen years but we cannot do it any longer. That is what makes me sad. These other political newspapers and television channels will continue putting lies in our heads. They are not affected by the crisis but we are driven out of business. It is clear my dear. They always wanted this to happen and it finally happened.”
Hawlati, the newspaper Frishta worked for after leaving school, had been her main responsibility, another means of caring about the plight of her people. To tell “the truth” through stories of ordinary people, exposing stories of political corruption and inequality for fifteen years. She had worked for the paper for ten years, helping the boss directly and making sure it survived through the years. Frishta continued to believe in the papers…

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