Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Plainsong, Parent Abandonment '

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A Village to Raise a Child

“Help me, Mama. I need you to help me.” “It’s too late for that, the woman said. You got yourself into this, you can just get out of it” (Haruf 10). Parents are a main source of comfort and care for children. However, in Plainsong, parent abandonment is a main theme. Ike, Bobby, and Victoria are three characters whose lives change drastically from decisions of their parents. However, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The abandonment of their parents causes hard times, but also creates meaningful relationships with other characters stepping up to the plate to take on parental roles. Ike and Bobby Guthrie are notably affected with the hard times of their mother’s emotional and physical departure. From the beginning of the story, the author lets the reader know that Ella Guthrie is in a bad condition: “She lay in the guest bed on her back now with her arm still folded across her face like someone in great distress. A thin woman, caught as though in some inescapable thought or attitude, motionless, almost as if she were not even breathing” (Haruf 15). Evidently, Ella Guthrie is of great distress. The author does not disclose what her problem is, except that it has sent her in a deep depression with no drive to live her everyday life. The first sign of Ella’s physical abandonment is her movement to a rental house. She then explains to Tom Guthrie that she is leaving for Denver. This comes to a high point in their story of her verbally breaking…

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