Analysis Of The Movie ' Lucas ' Essay

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Lucas sat in the pale blue plastic hospital chair and let out a long sigh. He couldn’t believe that he talked to Riley’s parents. He couldn’t ignore Zay’s calls anymore and when he told Zay it turned into a series of questions. Now they were all on their way and he had to explain it further to everyone. The doctors didn’t tell him much except that Riley had to be sedated so they can do their examination.
Lucas stood up from the chair in his daze and looked at Cory and Topanga’s worried faces.
“Mr. and Mrs. Matthews I am so sorry” Lucas began and his voiced cracked.
“Lucas this is not your fault if anything you saved her” Topanga commented and pulled Lucas into a tight hug.
Lucas nodded in silence and hugged her back.
“Where is she?” Cory asked.
Lucas pointed to the room across from his seat and Cory disappeared from his view.
“Is she ok?” Topanga asked
“I don’t know I haven’t moved but she was terrified before, they gave her medicine to sleep I think, I really do not know Mrs. Matthew” Lucas said and collapsed in the seat.
He rubbed his face in frustration and shook his head in anger. He felt guilty for even making Riley stay behind. She didn’t join them on their walk because of him and she went out her way to avoid interaction. Riley would have come with Zay and Maya, the café would of been close, she would have not gotten hurt.
“It’s my fault” Lucas whispered.
“Lucas honey it is not your fault, you didn’t attack her, you saved her” Topanga emphasized.…

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