Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Karnstreet '

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KARNSTREET is a gritty, crime drama that centers on two major rival gangs. Their rivalry leads to a vicious gang war. The script does a nice job of showing the violent side of gangsters and their need for control. The stakes are life and death.

While there are certainly strengths to the presentation, the script would benefit from more development in the area of structure, pace, and character development, as well as the professional presentation.
First, the opening nicely sets the tone of the world when Riley kills someone. The audience knows this world is violent and fierce. However, it would have been more effective if Riley had killed a rival gang member instigating the gang war. This would make for a compelling inciting event. Right now, it’s unclear what the inciting event is for the characters.

The rest of the script is driven by the gang war between Jack and Finbar. However, it’s not always clear that Jack is the protagonist. The opening introduces too many characters, making it challenging to figure out whose story is really being told. Sometimes it feels like Faith’s story and sometimes it feels like Skelly’s story. Thus, Jack needs to have a stronger “hero’s introduction,” that clearly identifies him.

In addition, if Jack is the protagonist, he needs to drive the story more forcibly. The story transition back and forth between so many characters, that it weakens Jack’s as the main character.

The other concern about Jack is that he’s never a likable…

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