Analysis Of The Movie ' Falling Man ' By Don Delillo Essay

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On September 11 , 2001 Millions of Americans were astonished by the horrible news that the World Trade Center was hit by two planes. With nearly 3,000 people dead and hundreds injured in America was under a terrorist attack.In the noval “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo, it focus on a businessman by the name of Keith Neudecker who had survived the attack on the World trade center. Throughout the book you get a vivid image of Keith life from when he’s walking through the streets during the attack on the world trade center to seeing his life transition after the attack happened. Even though this was a traumatic tragedy this wasn 't America 's first and also not the last. We’ve seen America at its best and also its worst from Pearl Harbor to helping stop communism in Vietnam. Even though these events made a huge impact on America, we still find ways of rebuilding ourselves and also our country.

September 11th seems like a another normal day in New York City. People were are getting ready to start their day and send their kids off to school. For people that worked in the World Trade Center like Keith Neudecker would never have thought that a tragedy like this would happen . Keith Neudecker who had a law firm office in the south tower of the world trade center. Within the aftermath of the crash , he manages to find a way of escaping his way down the stairs and out of the rubble to the New York street. In the book Don DeLillo gives the reading vivid image of what the character…

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