Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Exile '

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It didn’t feel illegal, but there was certainly a chilling aura to knowing that you were viewing what one-sixth of the world was forbidden to see. A small community of thirty-nine people attended a double feature on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 7:00PM in Angell Auditorium A to view “Three Songs of ‘Exile’: Independent Chinese Filmmakers Far from Home.” The audience, mostly comprised of older men and women of Asian descent, seemed to all be attracted together to view this film, and casual chatter filled the auditorium; most of the audience seemed to know each other as they conversed about their families and past experiences. I was the only student, and normally I would feel like an outsider in such a situation, but the audience engaged me in their conversations, welcoming me into their humble film viewing community. The films that were shown that evening were banned by the Chinese government because they brought the oppression that citizens face through the Chinese justice system to light. Given that these films were shown at the University of Michigan, it would ordinarily be difficult for anyone, especially students, to conceptualize how Chinese oppression might feel from across the globe, but the “Three Songs of ‘Exile” event immersed the viewer into these emotions through its pathos-intensive film techniques, providing students a first-hand experience of the gut-wrenching unfairness that is experienced daily by Chinese citizens. At approximately 7:06PM, a professor from…

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