Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper ' Essay

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Jakob Neilson, a web usability consultant, found that people don 't read during every single second of a page visit. (Perez). The film American Sniper, uses a website to promote the films rhetorical aim that even in superhuman individuals a relatable vulnerability prevails. American Sniper’s website utilizes multimodal components and literary elements such as: photographs, musical features, symbolisms, appeals to ethos, angles of vision, and nutshell text to strengthen the promotion of the site. In today’s fast-paced times, the use of these effects is essential in order to quickly attract the audience to the aim of the web page. Upon entering the website, viewers are brought to a short trailer that briefly sets the scene for the film. The audience sees the face of a rugged Bradley Cooper, who is to play Chris Kyle, the protagonist in American Sniper. A slow, yet passionate melody plays during the course of the clip. At first, Cooper is depicted as a focused sharpshooter that seems as though nothing can phase him, a fearless, superhuman leader. Yet, further throughout the short clip, Cooper is shown as an average American man, living out his life, as any would: getting married, having kids, and raising his family. During the snippet, viewers see several references to war such as: weaponry, helicopters in the distance, crumbled-by-violence towns, and military camouflage. Scattered throughout the trailer are flashbacks of Cooper shown as a man in war and a man that plays the…

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