Mexican American Family Interview Report

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For my paper I chose to interview one of my friends that I went to high school with, and is now my best friends boyfriend. For confidentiality reasons we will call my interviewee Louis, who is a 23 year old male who is from Mexico. Louis has a higher education, and graduated a year ago with his Bachelor of Science in petroleum engineering. Louis was born in Mexico, and came over to America after his parents divorced when he was very young. His family, including his extended family was planning on getting their visa, and becoming U.S Citizens. His grandpa was the one who was applying for the whole family, but sadly he passed away, and everything they had been working on got swept away. Louis, and his mom went back to Mexico for a couple more …show more content…
In chapter 7 titled The Mexican American Family it talks about how there is an education gap, and how education might not be as important to the Mexican American family as it might be to other ethnic groups. I found this very interesting, because everything that I read in the chapter contradicted with that I learned in my interview. Our book does not give a clear-cut definition of education, but education is receiving systematic instruction through schooling and learning basic things like math, English, history, and etc. In our book it says that “ Mexican American have the lowest median school years completed of any other group in the United States (Pg. 105)”. The reason I want to touch on this concept is because Louis was telling me about how important education is to him and his family. He did state that some of his relatives that aren’t so close to him were never pushed to go to school to get an education. But him and sister were always pushed hard to do well in school, and make good grades. He said that since his mother would encourage him to do so well that he would strive to his best, and that’s when he realized how important getting an education is. Since Louis did come to the states at such a young age the book does state that the younger a person is when they immigrate that they have a better chance of completing high school. It was interesting to learn that his education was just as important to his family as it is to many other families here in the United States. When I asked the question how important education was to him, he said that his family and him believe that having an education is the only true way to succeed. Even though the culture he came from might suggest differently, and might not push it as much. He completed his degree here at Texas Tech, and now has a job in the oilfield, and doing well. By talking about education, and learning what he thinks about it, it showed me that just

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