NBA Logo Analysis

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The copyrighted visual work I have chosen to infringe is the logo for the National Basketball Association. It represents the men’s professional basketball team in North America for a total amount 30 teams, which doesn’t include the women teams at all. America’s basketball association doesn’t exclude women teams to an extremity but there are some concerns. These concerns are the reason why I am trying to come as close as possible to infringing the NBA logo. The following concerns are why do the women get paid less, games are televised less, seasons are shorter, no female video games, and contracts. I want to get answers for these concerns by trying to get the associations attention by creating lipstick with my transformative work printed. I want to the transform the logo by keeping the structural outline of it but at the same time change it completely. For instance the logo has a masculine figure which I will keep but transform it with female features. Adding hair, dress the figure in female clothing, heels instead of …show more content…
For example, the first factor states “the purpose and the character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or nonprofit educational purposes”. (cite).This means to protect your transformative work there must be a meaning behind it that doesn’t cross the line of breaking the law. The purpose of my transformative work is to sell lipstick with my logo stamped on it in stores such as Nike and Adidas where you find the NBA clothing sold the most. Secondly, the “nature of the copyrighted work” (cite) means the intended use of the original person. The use of the NBA logo is to represent all teams in North America. The NBA should have made a logo with a male and female on it to represent unity in the association. Their nature of the logo doesn’t seem fair because there is no difference in the game of

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