Analysis Of ' The Hobbit ' Essay

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Hero: Brain or Brawn
Katniss Everdeen lives in a troubled time when the government seeks to wreak havoc upon communities. Out of a matter of necessity, Katniss focuses all of her attention to herself and her younger sister. Her secluded world consists of providing for only the needs of her family, without consideration of others. However, a chance selection enrolls Katniss in a journey that changes her life forever and aids her in developing to her full potential. Similarly, in Tolkien’s classic, a once tepid hobbit transforms himself into the leader of his company. Thrust into an adventure and abandoned by his mentor, Bilbo Baggins has to set his priorities and step up to the position of leader. However, the adventurers pull through and surmount both physical and internal obstacles. Bilbo Baggins becomes a dedicated and dependable hero throughout the course of The Hobbit, revealing the truth of heroism: a true hero depends on his courage and demonstrates empathy instead of relying upon strength and luck. People who perform dangerous feats are often labeled brave. However, bravery can also be applied to someone who embraces change. Bilbo acclimates to his new circumstances and in doing so unlocks his heroic qualities. As Bilbo embarks on his journey, he frequently wishes for his cozy hobbit-hole and refuses to deal with the situation at hand. However, not long into his venture, Bilbo finds himself alone in a complex network of goblin caves. Without a second…

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