Analysis Of ' The Hispanic Challenge ' By Samuel Huntington Essay

1588 Words Nov 20th, 2016 7 Pages
The American WASP- A Master Race? Was written by Sal Osio and it explained a major problem with the theory and book “The Hispanic Challenge” written by Samuel Huntington. Sal Osio brings to the forefront the negative thoughts that Huntington believes the Hispanich Americans are a threat to the country. In this paper I will attempt to explain the theory that Samuel Huntington had about minority/immigrant groups, Sal Osio’s counter argument to his theory, and how Gordon Allport’s theory of intergroup contact can be connected to Samuel Huntington writings. To be explored also is how Samuel Huntington’s theory is neither new nor old and is still being implored today by many in the disguise of patriotism. First to be discussed is Samuel Huntington’s harsh beliefs and theory.
Samuel Huntington displayed a type of racism called xenophobia. He has the irrational fear that any culture outside that of the “White Anglo Saxon Protestants- WASPS” could and would pose a threat to the American way of life. He believes that the WASPS are the dominate race in the country and that other cultures could ruin the country. Huntington seems to dislike all immigrants but has a specific worry about the American Hispanic. Huntington asserts that other cultures are not a specific threat because they have become assimilated to the WASP way of life. He thinks that since the Hispanic culture has not been erased it causes a problem that will eventually cause a separation between groups. He…

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