Analysis Of The Hindu Story Of Gurian's 'The Wonder Of Girls'

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I’d have to agree with you about how sad it is that young girls feel the need to conform for society even though their family members are trying to teach them to be themselves. I think that social media sites, tabloids and other popular media sites have taught young adolescent girls that if they look, dress, and act a certain way (and even weigh a certain amount) then they will be accepted. So, they spend more of their time trying to conform and less time trying to find their sense of self.
This topic takes me back to the Hindu story that Gurian shared with us in The Wonder of Girls (pg. 66, here is the story just in case you haven’t read it yet). He explained that a young girl who carried the moon on her forehead, was able to keep people happy (if the moon is happy). One night the
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Photoshop suggests this and so do realty TV shows about plastic surgery and modeling. I used to watch a TV show about modeling and they called an average girl (one who is not a size two) a plus size model. What does this say to young girls who watch it? That if they are average in body then they are over-weight? Gurian explains that much of young adolescent stress and/or depression comes from such negativity and I’d have to agree with him. I just wonder when enough will be enough? I also agree that sports are wonderful for young girls. My sister loves to dance (she has been depressed for a while now) and when she is with her friends she starts to dance with them and really seems to open up and be carefree. Any form of exercise naturally builds endorphins which helps enhance happiness.
If you are interested, I would recommend watching the documentary called, Miss Representation—about how social media molds our youth. It was quite eye-opening and I think that it coincides with our reading this week. Great post! I hope you are having a wonderful week and it is very nice to meet you!
Here are a few questions that I have for

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