Analysis of the Hero's Journey in Avatar Essay

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The Journey of Avatar: The Hero’s Journey within James Cameron’s Avatar

Pandora. Within James Cameron’s Avatar, it is a world filled with wildly exotic plants and animals, often with little resemblance to our own world of Earth. It, like Earth, harbors it’s own sentient species, called the Na’vi. However, the Na’vi are a much more primitive race than humans, and do not react well to human technology and disregard to nature. The movie follow Jake Sully, an unfortunately disabled marine who’s twin brother was a leader in the Avatar program, which consisted of transferring human minds into Na’vi bodies, intended to help improve relations with the native Na’vi. However, Jake’s brother is unfortunately murdered in a mugging, but their
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Thus provides a dual Road of Trials, in enduring to provide information to his fellow humans and being integrated into Na’vi culture. The Meeting with the Goddess is a blurred point; it could be construed as Jake and Neytiri’s developing feelings for each other, but a better example is as Jake gets more and more used to and assimilated into the Na’vi way of life, he begins to truly enjoy it, and the line between which life is the real one begins to blur. The scene where the movie shows this the best is the one where Jake wakes up from being in his avatar and gets up from the capsule that allows him to integrate with it, and stares sorrowfully at his paralyzed legs as he gets out of the capsule and continues his video log. He begins to consider the Na’vi’s world the real and true one, and one could say he ‘falls in love’ with it. The next step in the first journey is the Atonement with the Father. This step is actually spread throughout all the steps before this one, but it only manifests here. The father figure here is Grace, being Jake’s superior and mentor. The Atonement is Jake’s gradual transition from a ‘useless jarhead’ to her prized student and colleague, integrated into the Na’vi society and the best learned of all of them. The Ultimate Boon, the goal of the first journey, is

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