Essay about Analysis Of The Film ' The First Friday '

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Title: The First Monday in May

Film Origin
The film was made during the creation of the 2015 Met Gala, as to get a behind the scenes look of the effort that goes into the event itself.

Summary of the film
The First Monday in May follows the behind the scene storyline of how The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition of “China: Through The Looking Glass” came to life, as well as the effort it took to host the 2015 Met Gala. The exhibition of “China: Through the Looking Glass” is The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibit to date. The film also studies the importance of fashion in our culture, and balances the line between art and fashion itself. The film focuses on the involvement of Andrew Bolton, Head Curator at the Costume Institute of the museum, and Anna Wintour, Vogue editor in chief who is the lead organizer for the Met Gala, on how their two worlds meet for a collaborative event of fashion, fundraising, and a unique exhibit.

Film’s Genre

Possible Themes
Culture, Art, Fashion, Determination, Perfection

Title Meaning
The First Monday in May is the perfect title for this film, because every year the Met Gala is hosted on the First Monday in May. The film follows a year-long worth of work in order to host the event on that First Monday in May.

Character Development
Throughout the film, Andrew Bolton brings his passion towards the “China: Through the Looking Glass” exhibit. One display of how his character developed was when…

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