Analysis Of The Film ' Police Brutality ' Essay

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Englehart, B. (2015). Police Brutality. Retrieved January 11, 2016 from h
This political cartoon shows a side by side comparison of the goal of some police officers verses all police officers. The illustrator Bob Englehart uses caricature to give the badges a more cartoon look while remaining identifiable. This helps the reader laugh a little bit at the comedic, cartoon looking badges and lighten the mood of the political cartoon. Under the “All Cops” caption, a badge states “To Serve and Protect”, this shows the goal of all police enforcement. Which is to protect the city, county, or state the officer’s work in. However under the other caption titled “Some Cops”, a badge states “License to Brutalize”, this rephrases that some police officers abuse power and end up hurting more than helping. Englehart also uses satire to create a sarcastic tone in the cartoon with the badge showing how some cops feel.
This political cartoon shows the side-by-side comparison making this a more unbiased political cartoon, in comparison to others, increasing the credibility. The eagle on top of the badges is a major detail. This shows the audience that the illustrator may feel that these police brutality cases happen more often in America, because of the well-known American symbol. This makes the audience agree with the idea that these police brutality cases happen most often in America.
I plan to address the driving question through this political…

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