Analysis Of The Colonial Era Of America

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The Colonial Era of America is when the nation is standing on its first legs. The men and women of America are still finding their ground on this new land. It is the start of a new life away from Britain. The Federalists and Antifederalists negotiate a form of government that works best for the new nation and everyone is adjusting to this new American lifestyle. In the colonies, white men are seen as the backbone of America. White men who own property are the only citizens who have any rights while everyone else is constricted by rules and regulations. Women are dependent on men and are only seen as family keepers. They cannot obtain an education and they are expected to take care of the children while their husbands are off earning a living. African Americans are subjected the life of slavery and are continuously treated like an inferior species to the white, property-owing, man. The towns are also not advanced in anyway. They are small and are far and few between. Businesses within these towns are ran by white male entrepreneurs with no opportunities for women or African Americans to get jobs. The land is still fresh and the scenery is untarnished. The Colonial Era is a fairly simple lifestyle with many biases and underdeveloped towns. This life, however, quickly advances as the Market Revolution in the antebellum period comes forth. …show more content…
The lifestyle has become fast paced and the businesses thrive at the cost of the environment. However, the environment is not the only change in the transition into the Market Revolution. Society is also changing, allowing women the opportunity to make a voice for themselves. They still are not taken seriously by men, but they are showing that they can work and earn an education. It is evident, even through the eyes of different genders, that America is changing and evolving into an innovative

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