Essay On American Imperialism

Imperialism is the act of controlling smaller nations for military, social, economic, and political benefits. Exploitation is the act of harming others for personal benefit. The two of these combined is a history filled with resentment but plenty of positive progress. The exploitation America caused is justifiable due to the benefits imperialization had on America including the imperialised territory. Some may think the main idea of exploitation is the harm, but the part that needs attention is the progress and accomplishments.
Ever since 1890 when imperialization took place, America’s economy has increased its exportation resulting in a better conditioned economy. (US Trade Expansion, 1865-1915, 11/24/15) Hawaii interested America at first because of the sugar plantations it had. Hawaiian sugar had a higher price on it and it made a profit in America. The US advanced on Queen Liliuokalani and annexed Hawaii totaling the US into fifty states. (Hawaii
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Many social advancements inside and outside America’s boundaries took place during imperialization. During the 1920’s and 30’s, Filipinos began immigrating to America. Many students from the Philippines received scholarships and were able to get a quality education. Filipino culture thrived since the migration, providing jobs, educations, and a new life. America had made a firm bond with the culture, especially after fighting together in World War II. Across the globe, America and several other countries decided to practice equal trade within China. There were no disputes, but China was divided between France, Britain, Russia, Japan, and Germany in spheres of influences. (U.S. and China, Japan. 12/4) This way, America practiced civilized trade with foreign parties. The Open Door Policy was civilized, and an example of a benefit from imperialism. Advancements such as the Open Door Policy overlap the exploitation of other

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