Analysis Of The Book ' Things Fall Apart ' Essays

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In the book ‘Things Fall Apart’, women are viewed as the weaker sex and are thought to be lower in hierarchy than the men by the main character Okonkwo. Despite them being battered and belittled they played important roles such as cooking for their families, bearing children, decorating the houses, cultivating the crops and educating the children. Most importantly is that they hold significant roles, for instance there was Chielo and Chika the priestess of Agbala and Ani the earth goddess. They were admired for their powers and greatly feared and respected by the Ibo, they ruled over men and women. This is illustrated when Okonkwo was made to apologize when he beat his wife during the week of peace. His apology was to be directed to Ani the earth goddess. Also, Okonkwo’s daughter Ezinma is depicted as a hard worker and she even offers to do errands or chores that are traditionally meant for boys. Her father, who is proud of her for her hard work, discourages her from doing them and reserves them for his son. Today, women are offered equal opportunities as men. Women now also hold the jobs that were thought to be for men like the top ranking positions in blue chip companies like former CEO of yahoo Carly Fiorina, who also run for president of the United States on a Republican ticket. (Chapter 5,44) As important as women were, they were not accorded the respect they needed. Men saw them as objects they…

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