Analysis Of The Book ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

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The much-loved novel, the worldwide bestseller, The Kite Runner, fans wait is finally over, as the movie of the same name has hit the silver screen. After all the controversies the movie has run into, it sure makes it more interesting to see the movie itself. Maybe if it weren’t for the incident in Khaled Hosseini life in spring 1999, and spring of 2011, people will not have got the chance to read or watch such a heart touching story. The author himself disclosed how after watching a news story on Taliban, he had decided to write a short story on two boys in Kabul flying kites. Later, in 2011 he somehow found the same story in his garage in the year of 2011.What followed on after, we all know, the short story became an inspiration for Hosseini, and he wrote an extended version of the same short story. After, the novel sold a million copies, and has touched the hearts of many audiences across the world, and is now ready to do the same with the adaption of the book on the silver screen.
The Kite Runner, directed by the renowned German, Swish filmmaker Marc Forster, with a budget of $20 million, lived up to expectations for some , while it left some fans disappointed. The movie has been declared a success by many citizens who have seen it. But never the less, the cast of the film was well chosen from Ahmad Khan (young Hassan) to Khalid Abdalla (old Amir), to Homayoun Ershadi(Baba), and Zekeria Ebrahimi (young Amir). The Kite Runner, released in 2007, was set against the…

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