Analysis Of The Kite Runner By Khalid Hosseini

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“Accept the past without regrets, handle the present with confidence and face the future without fear”.
The past, present and future of a person always determines what kind of individual they become. The political and historical events that existed in Afghanistan shaped every person living in the country. In The Kite Runner, Khalid Hosseini demonstrated how each character was shaped not only by their particular circumstance, but also by the historical and political events that occurred during their lives.

Amir was blessed to have been born a Pashtun and Sunni Muslim because he was not faced with as many hardships as Hassan was. As a child, Amir only cared for himself. He didn’t care if he hurt the one person who would die for him and didn’t
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Amir had gone through an easy childhood but once war raged in Afghanistan, his troubles began. Amir had always taken what he had for granted but as he grew older he understood what he did wrong as a child, a human and as a friend. As reflected on his relationship with Hassan, he realized how much Hassan had done for him, but he never returned the favour. Amir went back to Afghanistan to make things right. From being a cowardly young boy, Amir became a courageous young man. Hassan, however, did not have the luxury of a good childhood. Hassan was born in a poor family and grew up as once of the poorest people in Afghanistan. His family history deemed him to be a Hazara and servant. Hassan was treated injustly by almost everyone in his town, even the one person who was supposed to be his friend. Howveer, these events did not change Hassan in a bad way. Hassan cherished every relationship and treated everyone well. Hassan was not able to leave Afghanistan when it was in the midst of war, a war that cost him his life. In no way did his family history or the political events in Afghanistan change Hassan, he was always a good man. Finally, Sohrab was also born in a poor family. He was taken in as a slave when the Taliban killed Hassan. These events changed Sohrab because he was a young boy who should have been able to laugh easily, but Sohrab’s smile had vanished the day he was taken in by the Taliban. Sohrab’s past events caused him to become a quiet and shy young boy even when Amir had taken him with him. Many characters in The Kite Runner were not shaped under particular circumstance, but also by the historical and political events that occurred during their

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