Analysis Of The Book ' The Killers ' Essay examples

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The Killers wrote a song called “Human” in 2008. It peaked at number thirty-two on the Billboard Hot 100 in the week of October 18, 2008. This song has an intriguing lyric,” Are we human, or are we dancers”, that coincides with bioethics. The lyric can transcribe as are we human, are we actual people living out normal lives, not controlled by anyone, or are we dancer, are we puppets controlled by someone else for someone else’s entertainment. I believe that we are not puppets controlled by a superior being, but we are humans with our own free will to accomplish whatever we prefer to do whether it be good or evil.

Leon Kass chooses an interesting cover to represent this novel. On the one side, we have a free and elegant ballerina dancing and on the other side, we have a scientist performing an experiment on his subject. It may seem that the scientist is evil while the ballerina represents the good in this cover page, but the scientist represents human intuition and the need for humans to explore. The picture of the scientist shows that the human race can achieve whatever they aspire to, even if it is as heinous as dissecting another human. As opposed to the ballerina, who has to follow a certain routine such as a puppet acts when a puppeteer controls it. The ballerina performs on a stage in front of people and has no room for ad-libbing or creating a routine on her own; she has a set routine that the audience expects to watch; she has no free will when she is performing on…

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