Analysis Of The Book ' The Home Help Sanitation System For The Coloured Help '

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Gap background – Skeeter started writing about Hilly’s initiative ‘The Home Help Sanitation System for the coloured help’, but while she starts writing the initiative on the second page of the Newspaper all Skeeter can think about is what Constantine would think of her.

Pages/ Chapter – This silence in the novel is at the end of chapter one, page 281

Character discourse and background – Skeeter is an innocent, well-meaning and privileged character. In the beginning of the novel Skeeter can be perceived as a weak character, she attempts to live up to her mother consistent nagging and high demands about the way she should look, dress and act. Skeeter seems to be consistently unhappy with her appearance describing herself as painfully tall and ugly. She soon realizes there is more to life then just looks, Skeeter soon starts speaking for herself, and decides to write a book from the perspective of coloured maids in Jackson. Though this many Consequences unfold, Skeeter risks her safe social status, her trust with Stuart and her mother becoming increasingly distant and the jobs of the maid become evermore unsecure, but her trust with the coloured maids evolves. Skeeter’s determination to share the story of the coloured maids and show everyone that we are all different but not by colour or race, lead into the publishing of the novel, The Help.

Costume –

Props – A PowerPoint in background showing the setting, a desk, a pen and notepad, (something like or instead of a…

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