Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Dinner '

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Founding Brothers Essay
In this book there are many interesting stories and lots to learn.The first chapter to capture interest would have to be chapter 2, ‘The Dinner”. It discusses the dinner which Thomas Jefferson held to decide the issues of the early nation 's deficit and the location of its new capital. This event would later become known as the Compromise of 1790. During the summer of 1790, Hamilton said that his financial plan for the nation had reached a stalemate, because Southern politicians opposed the proposed assumption of state debt by the federal government. The opposing party was led by James Madison of Virginia.
Jefferson offered to host a dinner for Hamilton and Madison to help resolve their disagreements. He convinced Madison not to dissuade his party members from supporting the financial plan, in return, Hamilton agreed to use his influence to locate the new national capital on the Potomac River.
Both the Assumption Bill and the Residence Bill passed the House of Representatives right after. Newspaper reporters were convinced that a secret deal had taken place at Jefferson’s house. Speculations because of this caused a change of plans and called for a different site to be chosen for the capital.
However, new parties had formed because of this. Hamilton no longer trusted Madison to consider the nation 's best interest. The idea of secession was in everyone’s minds at this point. Jefferson and Madison reaffirmed their partnership after this dinner,…

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