Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Dead Jr '

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Macon Dead Jr., commonly known as Milkman, is the main protagonist in the novel (enter novel name). Milkman is the son to one of the most prominent African American landlords in the town. Originally he was born with a birth defect, and was normally ridiculed because of his moms excessive breast feeding even when he was ten years old. Not only does is his mother have clingy tendencies, but his father is also controlling and demanding. Both his parents’ influences have him in constant dispute over his identity. As the novel develops so does Milkman, and his perception of life. Reader 's are given a physical description of Milkman early in the novel where the author states he has a birth defect that gives him a limp. Also for the most part of his adolescence in the story no one gives a specific description of their view on Milkman 's appearance until later in his life. Milkman 's physical description is elaborated on further in chapter two when he is in his manhood. In his years of coming to and achieving manhood his appearance drastically changes. Characters in the novel begin to respect him based on his appearance. For instance, his own father lets him work for him as the rent collector to make his business more noble. Hiis mother, however, only loves his hands which she considers to be the only thing he inherited from her father. Also, once a social outcast, he becomes more socially involved and becomes a social butterfly attracting many women. Once he is seventeen he…

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