Analysis Of The Book ' Precious ' Essay

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A is for Alone. Precious feels alone throughout the book. She is forced to take care of herself after moving out but even when she lives with her mom no one is there for her. She does not have family to care for her.

B is for Baby. Precious has given birth to two babies. Her first child suffers from down syndrome and is raised by Precious’s grandma. Precious is pregnant with a second child she names Abdul. She wants Abdul to have a good life and does her best to give him everything he needs.

C is for Claireece Precious Jones. Claireece goes by her middle name Precious. She does not like her first name, Claireece. Precious is the main character, the book follows her journey.

D is for Dad. Precious’s dad is father of her children. Precious’s dad is not married to her mama. Precious’s dad sexually abuses her frequently and causes the fights between Precious and her mother.

E is for Elementary. Precious was still in elementary when she gave birth to her first child. At just twelve she gave birth to a little girl who suffers from down syndrome. Precious was seven and in elementary the first time her father raped her.

F is Friends. Precious begins going to a alternative school for troubled adolescents. While there she learns she isn’t the only one who has been dealt a bad hand. At school she bonds with her classmates and they help Precious realise she can be free from her mother 's clasp.

G is Grandma. Mongo, Precious’s first child, live with her grandmother. Their…

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