Their Eyes Were Watching God Summary

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Reading Questions

Chapter One
1. Describe the contrast made for the “porch sitters” as workers and as storytellers (1-2).
2. How do the porch sitters respond to Janie’s return to town? • Men • Women
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What simile is used to describe the way Nanny treats Janie’s first kiss? (page 12) *hint: kinda gross
6. What are Nanny’s plans for Janie?
7. How does Janie feel about Nanny’s plans for her?
8. What metaphor does Nanny use to describe the plight of black women? What does she mean? (page 14)
9. What was Nanny’s mulatto daughter’s name? How might the name relate to Janie’s experiences under the pear tree?
10. What parallel experiences have implanted negative fears about men in Nanny’s head?

Chapter Three
1. What troubles Janie about her marriage to Logan Killicks? (pages 22-23)
2. What is Nanny’s definition of the good life? (What does Nanny think is important in life – especially in regards to Logan Killicks?)
3. Chapter three ends with Janie’s first dream dying. What had that dream been?

Chapter Four
1. Describe Joe Starks.
2. What metaphor does Joe use to describe his lifelong dream? What does he mean? (page 27)
3. What is the significance of Joe and Janie’s meeting under the
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Upon their first meeting, what kinds of things do Janie and Vergible Woods (Tea Cake) do?
1. This chapter closes with an analogy; the moon “quenching the thirst of the day.” How does this reflect Janie’s situation?

Chapter Eleven
1. How is Tea Cake’s treatment of Janie different than Logan’s and Jody’s?
2. What speech characteristic does Tea Cake encourage in Janie? (page 104)
Chapter Twelve
1. What is the town’s reaction to Tea Cake and Janie’s relationship?
2. What is Tea Cake offering Janie in this relationship? (page 105)
3. What does Janie mean when she says Tea Cake “done taught me de maiden language all over?”

Chapter Thirteen
1. What was the narrator’s reason for telling Annie Tyler’s story?
2. What has happened to Janie’s $200 dollars which she was keeping secret from Tea Cake?
3. What happens when Tea Cake tries to get the money back?
4. How does Tea Cake prove his sincerity to Janie? (page 122)

Chapter Fourteen
1. What is the first thing Tea Cake teaches Janie once they get to “de muck?”
2. Tea Cake asks the same of Janie as had Killicks and Starks (pages 126-127). Yet Janie’s reaction is totally different. What is asked? Why is the response

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