Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Paradise '

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Lost in Paradise

It was green and bright, the sunlight beating down from a clear sky. There was a lake not too far from where I laid stretched out on the grass, filled with silver fish and water so clear you could see the bottom. A tree, large and old and spindly, stood just off to my left, its branches waving with the breeze. Like an ancient guardian, its shadow protected me from the glare of the sun. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I tipped my head to the side, peering at the girl sitting cross-legged beside me, her hands behind her, propping her up. She was young, barely older than ten, with messy, crooked pigtails. Her eyes were brown and her hair was blonde and long. A pretty girl, but… “I love it here,” she continued on with a strange smile. “It’s so nice. Don’t you think, Sterling?” “Nice,” I said. The girl stared at me, that funny little smile splayed across her lips. Then, rather abruptly, she stood up and brushed off invisible dirt from the skirt of her pristine white dress. There was a moment’s pause as she continued to stare down at me, her eyes—they weren’t brown like I’d thought, but grey—watching me with a peculiar sort of interest. “Would you like to leave?” The tree, the old and spindly tree, creaked quietly in protest and its branches swayed faster as the breeze picked up. Its shadow wavered, pulling back a few inches before extending even farther. The girl’s smile disappeared for a moment, replaced with sinister glare. But it was gone as soon…

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