Analysis Of The Book ' Once I Read ' Essay

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Once I read a story about a 10 year old Jewish boy named Felix who lived in Poland in 1942 and I felt a terrible sadness as I read it. Once is very poignantly narrated by Felix. He tells the reader that he had been placed in a catholic orphanage by his parents, booksellers in Poland, and has lived there for three years. The novel is about a young Jewish boy growing up in the 1930s in a catholic orphanage in German mountains. This boy has two secrets: one is that his parents are both alive, and two is that he’s Jewish (which the other children don’t know). His parents told him when they left him that they were going to find more books, as they owned a bookshop, and they promised him that one day they would send him a message when they would collect him. The young boy, Felix, thought that he’d got the message because a whole carrot was in his soup, so he decided to leave the orphanage in search of his parents. But little did he know of the terror in the outside world, the Nazi control, and the constant danger. On his journey he meets several different people, including Zelda, who he saved from a house fire, a German soldier with toothache, and Barney the Dentist. Despite his grim surroundings, Felix never loses hope. Morris Gleitzman takes a painful subject and expertly turns it into a story filled with love, friendship, and even humor. As this story begins, we see how the young boy who is not even old enough to be a teen is set off to live by himself without his parents…

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