Analysis Of The Book Makers Nathan Mccall Essay

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According to the website The History Makers Nathan McCall is an African American author that was born November 25, 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia. Lenora and J.L McCall was his parent’s, but they later got a divorce and Nathan mother and stepfather Bonnie Alvin raised him and his other siblings. In 1973 Nathan graduated from Manor high school and began attending college. Who knew Nathan life would head down a path that would have an impact on him. As a teen he had to do three years because he was a participant in an armed robbery. Nathan always had a passion for written. After getting released from prison, he turned his life around when he begins to pursue a career in journalism at Norfolk State University in 1981. In addition to writing, McCall also served as a senior lecturer in the African American studies department at Emory University. McCall first occupations were a reporter, Atlanta journal constitution, and landed a job at the Washington Post. Monroe, Ian, and Maya are his children’s that he have with his wife. Nathan publishes his first book “ Makes Me Wanna Holler” in 1994 which was an autobiography. This book received numerous awards, it was New York times bestseller, and named the blackboard book of the year.
The setting of the book is in Cavalier Manor, but located in Vaugh Court. There are twelve homes in the court and seven blocks away was crystal lake. Cavalier Manor is a newly built neighborhood that is for families who is not on housing anymore, but more as a…

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