George Washington Carver: America's Greatest Emancipator

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George Washington Carver was born in Diamond, Missouri around 1864 though his birthdate is quite unknown except the fact that his was born around the Civil War. He was many things a botanist, scientist, chemist and an inventor. He was one of the 12 children born to Mary and Giles, the slaved couple, owned by Moses Carver. After a week of his birth, George soon got kidnapped along with his mother and sister by raiders from the neighboring state of Arkansas. Though he was the one only recovered by the couple’s master Moses Carver, it is said that Carver purchased George’s family for $700 but Carver treated them well.

When slavery ended the Carver family decided to raise George and his brother James as their own children, so they were taught how to read and write, encouraging George to pursue his education. At the age of 13 George had to move to Fort Scott, Kansas to go to school since he couldn’t go to school in his area due to racial conflict. He left soon after witnessing a death of an African American, earning his diploma in Minneapolis, Kansas. When he went to college, one of the colleges rejected him due to his race. Yet he earned master’s degree at Iowa State Agricultural College so once he graduated from college he soon became famous for his work for in pathology and mycology.
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Then he created and taught farmers about crop rotation and it made the farmers in the rural south flourish, also Mahatma Gandhi asked help from George Washington Carver to help the crops in India. He did many things to help the people since he didn’t care about the money. George Washington Carver soon passed away on January 5th, 1943 in Tuskegee, Alabama at the age of 79 from falling down a flight of stairs, but the real cause was that he died of anemia. President Roosevelt established a monument for George Washington Carver after his death, they even have made a park and named it after him too

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