Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Little House On A Prairie '

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Reading has always been apart of my life. I haven’t always loved it but it’s something my mom has always pushed me to do. I remember when I was in elementary school and I struggled to read books. I always got my R’s and W’s messed up when I would read. I always enjoyed the Junie B. Jones an the Amelia Bedelia books. They both made me laugh a lot and where just a really good read. When I got into the third grade I began reading the Magic Tree House books, In which I fell in love with the mysterious books with a meaning behind them. Also in the third grade we began reading the series, Little House on A Prairie. Everyday after lunch the teacher would pick someone to sit infant of the whole class and read a chapter out of the book. I was always so excited to read to the class! The series was also a great read. Once I got into the fourth grade I wanted to expand my vocabulary and comprehension in books and I started to read the Harry Potter series. I enjoyed them a lot, I liked visualizing what I was reading in my head. Then once I read all of them I watched the movies; Of course the books are always better! I also participated in the book club and was always getting the most AR points I could. My record was 250! In the beginning of Middle School I started to fade away from reading. All we did was read literature out of a book and answer questions about the stories. I stopped reading until one day we read The Lottery in class which is a fictional book that tells how the…

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