Analysis Of The Book ' Jenna Fox ' Essay

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Summary Jenna Fox, a seventeen-year-old girl from Boston has recently been in a terrible accident. The book opens on a Jenna that is waking from a year-long coma. She has no memory of her life, family, or the accident. She wakes up in a home in California, that she lives in with her mother and grandmother, Lily. Jenna feels that Lily does not like her, and this troubles her. In an attempt to return her memory to her, her mother gives her home movies to watch. Every year of her life has been captured in film and as she begins to watch the tapes, she remembers some of her past.
Eventually Jenna thinks about school and wishes to pursue that once more. When she brings up the topic of school, however, her Mother is adamant that she cannot go to school. However, after Lily speaks to her she relents and allows Jenna to go to a small school nearby. Jenna finds that her fellow classmates all have something that brought them to this school rather than the local public school. Ethan, a boy she has seen at the Catholic mission, has been to jail and as a result could not attend the public school. Allys, a new friend of Jenna, is an amputee with prosthetic arms and legs. Allys and Ethan become Jenna’s two closest friends at the school.
After working at the mission, one day, Ethan and Jenna stop at the hospital to pick up Allys. Allys not only receives therapy at the hospital, she also works there as part of her school required project. While discussing her project with Jenna, Allys…

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