Analysis Of The Book ' Brave Orchid ' Essay

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Plot Summary:

Chapter One: No Name Woman
No Name Woman is based on Brave Orchid’s story from China about her sister in law. Brave Orchid tells the narrator the story on the condition that she never repeats it or mention her no name aunt. The story starts when many of the men in Brave Orchid 's village left to pursue wealth in America. Sometime later, the sister in law became pregnant. The villagers, including her own family members, disliked her because her child would be illegitimate. To them, she was a ghost. The night she was to give birth, the villagers ransacked Brave Orchid 's house, where she was staying. They demolished everything in the house, leaving the sister in law to give birth in the middle of the clutter. The next morning, Brave Orchid discovered the sister in law and her newborn drowned in the family well. The narrator tries to visualize how her aunt got pregnant. First, she assumes that her aunt was raped. Then, she concludes that her aunt was sexually active and took an admirer. The narrator also explains why she is breaking the silence about her aunt. She believes that Chinese culture frequently persecutes and hushes women. She wants to provide her aunt an ability to speak. At the same time, she is scared that her activities are infuriating her aunt 's ghost.

Chapter Two: White Tigers
In chapter two White Tigers, the narrator shares one more of her mother 's stories. This story is very unlike from her no name aunt 's story because it is about an…

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