Analysis Of The Book ' Angels Of America ' By Tony Kushner Essay

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Throughout the book Angels in America, Tony Kushner uses the truth to portray how ignorance and innocence can worsen situations that are unwanted, while cognizance may not fully solve the problem, it may help this person come to a realization of what needs to happen, and ultimately end or move on from that current situation. In this quote about the truth, Prior specifically does not say that the truth always fucks you, he states that the truth “mostly” fucks you. The word “always” means, at all times; on all occasions, and the word “mostly” is defined by: as regards the greater part or number. The reason Prior uses the word mostly is because Prior realizes that although the truth may well “fuck” people at first, by comparing the definitions of the words “mostly” and “always” shows that Prior believes that although the truth can hurt you most of the time, Prior realizes the truth can and will help people in some instances.
Throughout the story one of the main characters, Roy, is ignorant to the fact that he is a homosexual with AIDS. Yet instead of just suppressing these facts that he does not want people to know and trying to move on, Roy goes to the extreme of not only lying about who he really is to people around him, but even openly criticizing people who are gay or have AIDS. Another belief that Roy expresses throughout the novel is his hatred for Jews. Both his hatred for homosexuals and hatred for Jews are related because not only does he openly express his hatred for…

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