The Band Of Brothers: The Paris Incident By John Phillip Sousa

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The first selection of the evening was Band of Brothers by Micheal Kamen. This song has an intense melody with rhythmic harmony throughout the performance. The song has a very uplifting tempo that drove it along. Near the end of the song, the tempo slows down and then picks back up to create a grand finale. The triumphant sound created by the percussions was very influential to me, and made me think of unity. As the different instruments meshed together to create a beautiful sound this caused me to really sit back and enjoy it. The soaring ballads in this song create an all in all diverse sound. Following The Band of Brothers, was Hands Across the Sea by John Phillip Sousa. This song starts out with a cheerful lighthearted sound. The piccolo gave the song a very animated sound. At the end of the song the main theme tune is played with a loud brass and crushing cymbals. The song was very colorful and vivid. The next selection was The Paris Incident by Andrew Edwards. The song started off with strong sounding woodwinds. The song’s mood overall was somber but had bursts of excitement throughout. The finale of the song was a fast tempo that gave the …show more content…
This was a three movement work full of liveliness and character. The beginning erupted with a burst of energy. Then comes a bass trombone solo that is complemented with the playing of the band. This solo was great, and really stuck out to me even while the rest of the band was playing. As the first movement comes to an end the song transitions to a very soft dynamic that gives off a sad and lonesome mood. The tempo becomes very slow as well and the bass trombone plays a low key. The third movement of the song was a great way to end the piece. It was very choppy and did not hold a strong melody. The rhythm was very catchy as I often found myself tapping my feet to the strong beat of the

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