Analysis Of The Article ' White America 's Broken Heart ' Essay example

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An Ever Changing Country Although it has been decades since slavery ended, racism is still a profound controversy in the United States today. Charles Blow describes some of these levels of racism and its effects on people in the United States in his article “White America’s ‘Broken Heart’”. The article, as can be deciphered by the title, is about how white Americans today are handling the changing situations of equality in the United States. Blow published this article February 4, 2016, on The New York Times’ Opinion Pages on their website. Many Americans assume that racism is almost completely gone in today’s society, but Blow believes that it still lingers and is affecting the health of Caucasians in America. Blow describes in his article that the whites in the United States are unable to completely accept the equality of other races. He discusses in his article recent events, such as the Iowa Caucuses and things former president Bill Clinton said, and past events from the beginning of this country. In the first few paragraphs, Blow does not state his opinions immediately- he keeps the topic level, warming up the audience for his pitch. It is after he quotes Gina Kolata in one of her articles, describing how more and more white Americans are dying, and she listed one cause as “a broken heart” (Blow, screen 1). After he states this, you begin seeing what Blow’s main argument is clearly. He begins describing how he believes white America is dying not from the…

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