Analysis Of The Article ' Seeing By Starlight : Celebrity Obsession

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Everyone has their favorite celebrities whether is from sports, entertainments, or etc. Those celebrities in the spotlight always use their own story to inspire us. My favorite celebrity is Michael Jordan, and I obsessed with his basketball talents, shoe brand, and style of play. I would practiced 4 to 5 hours a day, for I just want to be like him in the basketball court. All of Jordan’s moves in the court and his lifestyle are attractive to me. In the article, Seeing by Starlight: Celebrity Obsession, the author Carlin Flora meets Britney Spare, and she gets glamorous by her beauty. Although the author is never a Britney 's fans, but she feels that stars like Britney Spears can change people’s thought and desire. So, people in today’s society are obsessed with celebrities’ motivation story and attraction to human being. The motivation of a celebrity’s story will always be attracted to their fans, and the people who supported them for many years. Imagine all of the celebrities worked hard when they were young, and they are well-known in the world already. Like the “god of basketball”, Michael Jordan, he proves that he is the best player in the NBA when he did not start to play basketball in college. The more people knows Jordan’s successful story, the more people have the motivation to overcome their challenges. A celebrity like Michael Jordan is a great motivation story for many people at the time till now. The author believes, “Much like spiritual guidance,…

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