Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Moral & Ethics '

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Karina Rodriguez
Professor Stephens
College Writing
17 September 2014
Moral & Ethics
Technology has become a huge component in our daily lives, and continues to advance every day. While it brings many beneficial elements into our lives, newer forms of technology that have been brought out today, seem rather unnecessary and often raise question if it should even be brought out to the public in the first place. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, society needs to bring out the ethics of these new technologies, and the morals and implications of these new advances to avoid causing long term impacts that could affect future generations.
In Peter Singer’s essay “Visible Man: World without Secrets”, he states that the more people do something, the less risky it becomes (463). He uses an example of the women in the mid to late 1900’s who began to wear dresses above the knee; at first, they were looked upon with disapproval, but as more and more women began to do it, the less people criticized them because of it (Singer 463). The same goes with technology: the more technological advances that occur, the more people want to utilize it. The more people use these new technologies, the more common it becomes, which then initiates the want for something better. This cycle will continue to go on and on as long as technology exists. This is where the Dalai Lama expresses his concern in his essay “Ethics and the New Genetics”. He states that the rapid increase of knowledge…

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