Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Mcdonald ' S

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Summary of the Article and McDonald’s
McDonald’s is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world and was originally founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald as a barbecue restaurant. It primarily serves regular fast foods like burgers, chicken, soft drinks, French fries, breakfast products and a recent influx of healthier alternatives in an effort to boost sales. Target customer of McDonald’s includes families, teens, young professionals and business customers. The companies’ major competitors included KFC, Wendy 's, Burger King, Taco Bell, and many others. McDonald’s Corporation earns revenues by investing in properties, collecting fees paid by franchisees and sales in company-operated restaurants. As a global brand, McDonald’s restaurant also embraces the culture difference and changes its international menu to make the product better appeal to the local customers. In the article “A Burger, Fries and ... Beer, Please”, McDonald’s in Pangyo Techno Valley, an affluent neighborhood south of Seoul, launched beer as one part of their new menu last month. Customer who were above the legal age of drinking and ordered an “extra value” meal with an Angus beef burger and fries, are seen as qualified beer purchaser. By doing this, McDonald’s became the first fast-food company that offers alcohol drinks in Asia. However, this breakthrough raised concerns and misunderstandings toward the company and brand. As a result, McDonald’s took actions to double check the…

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