Essay on Analysis Of The Article ' Gun & America '

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ALLEN, FREDERICK. "Guns & America." Saturday Evening Post 283.6 (2011): 30-32. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Mar. 2016. PDF. This article gives us the history of guns, the protections of guns, and the creation of the Second Amendment and why it was created. The article’s most important piece of information is that it gives historical context of guns, the importance of them throughout American history and its political implications of the development of the nation. While accomplishing this, it is unbiased since it states in the text that it is aware of the pros and cons and doesn’t obviously take to one side, plus its majority is historic background. I will use this article while developing the history of gun control legislation and also its reasons of why they were in effect in their time periods.
Bajekal, Naina, and Vivienne Walt. "How Europe 's Terrorists Get Their Guns." Time. Time, Nov. 2015. Web. 23 Mar. 2016. This article shows how easy terrorist groups like ISIS get their weapons, including firearms. For example, due to the amount of military defense buildup during the Cold War in Europe and the amount of firearms in circulation in Europe currently, it will be hard to forcefully eliminate the amount of guns in circulation. Even if guns were not manufactured all together, black markets will continue to supply terrorists with the amount of weapons they need. The terrorists are the problem, not the guns. This source ties together to the recent terrorist attacks in the…

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