Analysis Of The Article ' Bitter Pill ' By Steven Brill Essay

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As a young person, I have never really dealt with anything regarding with health, such as health insurance, co-pays, or anything else regarding that manner. My parents are the ones who usually deal with those things, though I must say it is very important to know how it works. This came to mind when I read the article “Bitter Pill” by Steven Brill. This article talks about why bills are so high when it comes to health. It show the reality of how these hospitals work. Something that is not talked about, and it should. Another article I read was called Setting the Record Straight on TIMES’s Article “Bitter Pill” by American Hospital Association (AHA). This article was responding against the article “Bitter Pill”. They don’t like that the article was making them look bad. What they did with their article was that they wrote what was true. After reading both of these articles I strongly believe that the hospital should definitely be criticized, but another thing is that not all the blame should be put on the hospital. I trust what Steven Brill says because of his argument he makes. Hospitals must be criticized because they know they are overcharging and no one knows about it when in fact they should.
The article Bitter Pill discusses the reality behind the health care services and why bills are so high. In his article he has a couple of examples of people that have gotten billed for their visits to the hospital. These bills are overly priced when they should not. Brill talks…

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