Essay about Analysis Of The Article ' Accountable Marketing

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The article Truly Accountable Marketing: The Right Metrics for the Right Results written by Koen Pauwels begins with the author referencing a study that indicated that “companies who deploy marketing analytics obtain 21% more return on assets.” It is his opinion that “marketing accountability is essential for sustained organic growth.” He goes on to explain the three essential steps to truly accountable marketing as defining the right results, using the right metrics, and acting on the collected insights. The article further discusses the advantages of slidebars to demonstrate how small and large changes in marketing affect profitability. An example of this is the difference between the cost and profitability of the use of flyers versus faxes. Time frame is a major factor in the use of these two instruments in that faxes returned almost immediate results whereas a response time lapse occurs with the use of flyers. Additional options explored demonstrated that while both banner ads and re-targeting were effective in getting online customers to a targeted website, however customers lured via “content-integrated ads” were more likely to make a purchase than the alternative. Determining the “right results” is based on measures that positively combine marketing and finance. Pauwels further addressed the “right metrics” such as sales, profits, and customer attitudes from a standpoint of converting brand attitudes into profits. In one of Pauwels’ books, he details…

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