Analysis Of Terry 's New Media New Asia Class Essay examples

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In the past 4 weeks, I was constantly learning a great deal of materials in Terry’s New Media New Asia class. While the things I’d acquired knowledge of are too immense to be summarized, here are some of my greatest takeaways:

1) I Learned How to Learn.

To begin, I realized that even though my classmates and I were given the same set of instructions for our assessment, our preferred styles of expression are vastly different. During the peer review time each week, there was at least one person who favoured text as their form of presentation. I, on the other hand, am more inclined to using visuals in my work. I convey my thoughts better with graphics; I cannot imagine having to write out an entire map solely with words.

Through such an example, I realized that yes, there is a list of the different ways I can choose to communicate my idea from. However, my peers taught me that it is ok that I don’t blindly follow after a method that’s more preferred. Instead, I should pick and work with one that I’m comfortable with, something that works best for me.

In addition, the peer review exercise also instilled the importance of understanding my work. My working map is a visual aid to assist my classmates in understanding the relationships of how I communicate with my community with the various social media platforms that I use. In my point of view, I thought the draft version of my final presentation map was good enough for submission. However, my peers critiqued my work fairly and…

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