Essay on Analysis Of Street Art Vs. Museums

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Street Art Versus Museums: The Role of Context in Exhibition The concept of integrating urban life and art has come to play a central role in a movement of artists for whom the city walls act as the canvas to their limitless imaginations. These artists practice street art - the creation of unsanctioned visual art in a public space outside the context of traditional art venues. Since the birth of this art form during the late 1960s in New York, these artists have often been in dissonance with the dominant culture due to the illegal nature and unconventional methods behind their self-expression. As detailed in the following: The energy and expression of street art [has been] widely regarded by the general populace as a kind of urban noise - prosecuted when possible, but otherwise best ignored, just as we might similarly block out the unpleasant offenses of litter, loud neighbors, or honking traffic. (McCormick 19).
Within the last decade, however, the contemporary art world has begun to recognize the collection of street art in cities as more than just this “urban noise” and rather as an artistic movement. In 2011, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles became the first major art museum that attempted to celebrate this movement by holding the exhibition titled Art in the Streets. Though the exhibition quickly became the most visited in the history of the museum, the problem arises of how such a traditional art institution can fully capture street art by…

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