Analysis Of Stockton 's Little Manila Essay

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Stockton’s Little Manila Immigration has been a substantial part of American history. It was through the backs and hard work ethic emulated by immigrants that embody what we call the American dream of success and prosperity in life. It was through this dream that Filipino Americans sought to acquire and accomplish throughout their ongoing struggle within the years before and after World War II.
The population of the United States as a whole is one that is vast and truly diverse. In a California town of Stockton (dubbed “Little Manila” by the Filipino community), this diversity was truly making a precedent and growing quite rapidly. A rapid influx of Hispanic and Asian immigrants through the years began to sprout out and flourish throughout California as a whole. In Stockton however, the Filipino populace began to gather and place their mark on the agricultural production of asparagus. As hired workers working for low wages and for long hours, Filipinos strived to make a name for themselves. Coming from a poverty rich and down trodden barrios through the Philippines, Filipinos desired to come into America to find work. The money would be sent home in order to improve the living conditions of their families as well as their specific provinces. However, with this newfound acquired monetary gain, youthful Filipino had begun to lavishly spend on themselves. Flashy cars, embellished jewelry, stylish suits, partying, and gambling halls had begun to quell the minds and sate the…

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