Analysis Of Stephen King's Postmodern Novel Carrie

Throughout history, individuals have used many tools as a way to escape everyday life. Reading is but one means to accomplish this goal. By losing one’s self in a novel, individuals become explorers, heroes, and just as often, social critics. Good authors create literature that allows readers this escape, as is the case with Stephen King, Stephen King’s postmodern novel Carrie blends fiction and reality to create a story that all teens can relate to.
The american novel can be described in a multitude of ways. Novel is described as an extended narrative (Baldick 143). Baldick goes on to say, novels can be short, long, nonfiction, and can even be written in verse (Baldick 143). Novels are written for an audience so it must pack in detail no
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Crawford shared his feeling on the subject by saying, a novel is essentially a theater in your pocket (Crawford 10). His input is further extended when he adds a novel writer is not to conform to “writing norms” (Crawford 10). So far it is clear that creativity is the number one aspect of novel writing. Crawford adds the opinion that if the reader gets bored writing is purposeless (Crawford 17). “The novel must amuse, indeed, but must amuse reasonably, from an intellectual standpoint,” (Crawford 15). The reader is given the inkling that paying attention to detail is a big portion in writing. While the creativity is key there seems to still be the knowledge that writing still takes a level of …show more content…
Carrie was not King’s first appearance on the best-sellers list (Wood 43). King’s first three novels Carrie, Salem’s Slot, and The Shining were all very popular (Bernard 200). He is a great writer and has the statistics to show for it. First author to have three books on the New York Times best-seller list at the same time (Bernard 198). “Stephen King is the most remarkable publishing phenomenon in modern literature” (Bernard 199). Being called things like this kept him writing. Stephen King received many praises as a writer and it well deserved as it seems.
The postmodern novel Carrie obtained a lot of recognition and is still recognized as one of King’s greatest books. Carrie was King’s first novel (Bernard 197). Carrie is based on some people he went to school with (Bernard 199). Stephen King’s stories give the feeling that you are the main character. King originally threw the story in the trash but his wife read it and urged him to move forward on it (Bernard 197). Carrie was a short story to begin with but King kept getting ideas and adding details and it became a novel (Bernard 197). In writing a book that seems like it was a failure is not always a failure. It is apparent that King was special from his beginnings as a

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