Analysis Of ' Slim Shady ' On The Toilet Essay

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Believe it or not, Marshall Mathers created the alias (Bozza 20) ‘Slim Shady’ on the toilet. In Michigan, his rap group, The Dirty Dozen (stylized D12), figured that all six members needed an alter ego. The most notable of which came firmly attached to the heels of the infamous Eminem. Eminem himself doesn’t believe too much in ‘pulling punches’ as his raps are often criticized for being heavy in homophobic content and rather misogynistic. While his lyrics are raw, violent and harsh, his counterpart is a different breed. For comparisons sake, if Eminem aggression was analogous to a standard U.S. battle tank, Slim Shady could the red heated war-chariot of Ares himself, with complimentary nuclear warheads. Mathers himself has said that the difference between Eminem and Slim Shady is that “Eminem would ‘fick’ you and Slim Shady would ‘fick’ you and your mother.” Often, Mathers would be the target of a multitude of critics, who saw him as nothing but a menace that attacked the unfortunate and made millions “exploiting the world’s misery.” (White 3) Ultimately, Eminem became the scapegoat of America. In 2005, his position as America’s villain had faded as for three years he was ‘‘on hiatus; He checked himself into rehabilitation due to repeated drug overdoses. Regardless, the Slim Shady persona, though controversial, is largely impactful on not only Eminem’s career, but the state of America as a new means of artistry was introduced to the United States.
Slim Shady first hit the…

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