Analysis Of Seeing By Starlight: Celebrity Obsession

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Everyone has their favorite celebrities whether is from sports, entertainments, or etc. Those celebrities in the spotlight always use their own story to inspire us. My favorite celebrity is Michael Jordan, and I obsessed with his basketball talents, shoe brand, and style of play. I would practiced 4 to 5 hours a day, for I just want to be like him in the basketball court. All of Jordan’s moves in the court and his lifestyle are attractive to me. In the article, Seeing by Starlight: Celebrity Obsession, the author Carlin Flora meets Britney Spare, and she gets glamorous by her beauty. Although the author is never a Britney 's fans, but she feels that stars like Britney Spears can change people’s thought and desire. So, people in today’s society …show more content…
Imagine a famous Korean pop star such as G- Dragon comes to the U.S, so a lot of girl will be crazy because of his handsome looks. In addition, these girls will have brought ticket to his show, and they are imagining one of them as their boyfriend. Not only females are obsessed with handsome male celebrities, but also males are addicted of seeing a beautiful girl model in the social media, and they were obsessed with her attractive body. The author observes,” both men and women spend more time looking at beautiful women than at less attractive women” (520). “Spend” connotes the use such as time, and money on a certain things. Two words that share same meaning are “ beautiful” and “attractive”. To be “beautiful” means meeting the standard of excellence and “attractive” is something that appear to be appealing to our eyes. We could understand that our world is filled with beautiful things around us, whereas being pretty gives us a lot of opportunities and advantages. In addition, one can be obsessed with that celebrities’ looks when he or she had plastic surgery to look like that celebrity. The author displays that “human traits are universally recognized as beautiful” (520). “Trait” connoted a special characteristic to act a certain way. The other world “recognized” is to identify our favorite thing such as a beautiful model on television . This can explain why beautiful people can attract people, and people can get obsessed with them. I personally will get turn on when I see a beautiful female celebrities because this is my nature trait, yet who will not love looking at a beautiful lady. People’s obsession with celebrities is due to good-looking, for they don 't have the same beauty as them, and they want to gain confidence by looking attractive. At the end, it is the obsession that cause our mentality to be in love with

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