Analysis Of Schindler 's ' Schindler ' Essay

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What do you think, did Schindler risk his life to save Jews? Did he do it to please others or to please himself?

At first, Schindler was merely seeking to turn a profit when taking Jews to his factory, but as he continued to watch the Jewish persecution, he became fully prepared to lose everything, even his life, to stop the Jewish persecution. Schindler begins as a Nazi collaborator, trying to aid the war effort by mass producing pots for use in the war. He does this by employing Jews as workers, as they are less expensive to purchase than Poles are. As he makes more pots, Schindler turns a greater profit from his initial investment. When the Krakow ghetto is liquidated, Schindler’s position shifts to that of a bystander. He is not directly involved with the deportation of the Jews, but he watches from afar and does nothing to stop the deportation from happening. A look of horror and confusion crosses Schindler’s face as he watches the Jews being herded and shot at by the Nazis. When Schindler starts his second factory, he has transformed into an upstander for the Jewish cause. Schindler risked his life to save the Jews because he felt it was his responsibility to do what he could to save them. He bought over 1100 Jews from Amon Goeth to work at his factory for producing military shells. He never had any intention of constructing a working shell, and kept bribing Nazi officials to keep his factory open. At any time, one of these officials could have said no, and Schindler…

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